long hair, it hangs down at both sides of the body, from the base of the sjull untilthe en of tail.

The appearance of the animal should be very compact and in order. The tail should be up high.

The body should have an appearanceof powerand well prportioned.



Terrier, playful, alert, smart, clever and a balanced carácter.


The head shoull not too prominent, the nose absoluely blak.

The hari on the head is long with.

Colors: White – blak – gold simmetrically.


It should never hace the gold color.



Médium size, dar endshiny with a strong expression of intelligence they will be put in a way where you can see directly. They will not be too prominent and the flames should be dark color.



Small ears in form of a V inverted, straight. And they should be lifted, not to separated nad covered with shot hair.



Non-missing, bite type of scissors or in a aceptable lever.



They should be straight, musculus and corered with White hair or broken White.


BACK LEGS: They should be straight musculus and covered with White hair or broken White.


PAWS: As much rounded as possible, With black or White nails, covered with white or broken White hair.


BODY: Very compact with well formed hips, The height of the shoulders should be the same height as the croup.


TAIL: With a lot of hair, higher then the level of the back, with a White spot at the tip, do not amputate.


LONGITUDE: The body can be slightly langer than the height of the dog.


MOVEMENT: Free with a lot of push, the movement of the back and front extremities should be straight, maintaining the level of the back straight.


FUR: The body hair has a longitude of ¾ parts of the dog or enought to touch the floor, completely straight (not curly), Shiny like silk and fine texture silky with out base layer.


COLORS: The layers of the torso and head are the following: White or blue- Black, White, Broken White or White- White broken, Black- Blue or completely black, withour borwn.

Hair in chest, belly and legs of White color.

With White-Black-Gold head and symmetry.


WEIGHT: No higher than 3100 Kg.


HEIGHT: 25 cm height to the back.


FAILURES: Any and all the differences within these standers.

Rounded back, gold color or other color in the body, legs or tail.


Light eyes and nose, ears down, wavy hair. The Males should have two testicles and in a normal appearance completely undescended of the scrotum.